Studio Six-Black

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Studio Six-Black
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  • Uncompromising quality in build and design
  • Reference amplification
  • Only vacuum tubes with established reputations
  • Pure power
  • Designed for headphones
  • Ideal amp for shared listening

Product Details

Technical Features

The Studio Six is a Class-A single-ended triode (set) circuit design with zero feedback and 100% tube amplification, designed for resolution of fine musical details, expansive soundstage presentation, and lush tonal quality. Only vacuum tubes with established reputations for sonic virtue are in this design. Selecting tubes that are now and will continue to be available in the global audio marketplace. Featuring vacuum tube rectification, filtering for the left and right input stages, including two glow discharge regulator tubes, and separate multi-stage filtering for each left and right channel output tube, the power supply is a 'virtual dual mono block' design. The Studio Six is the ideal amp for shared listening sessions, driving many pairs of headphones with no sacrifice to fidelity, the proprietary output stage accomodates a wide range of headphone impedance from 8 - 600 ohms, with ease.


A timeless design built to last a lifetime, the Studio Six has uncompromising quality in build and design. Featuring conservative part ratings and circuit design, this obsolescence-proof piece of audio equipment translates into effortless, under-stressed operation, extended tube life and long-term amplifier reliability.


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