StageDiver 2

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  • Ultimate universal earphone
  • Dual BA drivers in two-way crossover
  • Incredible dynamics and a powerful bass
  • Attenuation of up to 26dB
  • Replaceable earwax filter
  • Comes with hardcase

Product Details

Technical Features

The SD2 features a 2-way system with two perfectly matched drivers for bass and mid/treble. By using high-quality crossover components, this 2-way system achieves an absolutely precise picture of the frequencies, coupled with incredible dynamics and a powerful bass. The earpiece offers noise attenuation of approximately 26dB, providing exceptional isolation for a more immersive listening experience.


InEar development engineers have created an IEM that fits almost perfectly into every ear and is also hardly distinguishable externally from a custom IEM. The basis for the housing design was created by digital 'overlapping' of over 500 different ear shapes, as well as in-house prototype construction. Numerous tests on the 'living ear' refined the design, resulting in an earphone so universal it fits almost any ear. The cables used correspond to the worldwide standard for InEar monitors, are interchangeable and run safely behind the ear thanks to the inserted bending wire.

The SD2 and SD2S have the same technical data, but the SD2S has a smaller housing, offering better fit for those with smaller ears.

Technical Specifications

Number of Drivers


Driver Configuration

2 BA

Frequency Response

20–18,000 Hz


40 Ohm


119 dB

Detachable Cable


Built In Microphone


Music Control


Cable Length


Reviews & Ratings

Customer Reviews
  1. StageDiver 2
    Way too bassy and not good. Try sd 5 :)

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  2. Great sound and build quality
    Lives up to its name of the "Ultimate universal fit". I feel the sound is bright neutral instead of just neutral. Really good pair of uiems. Would be better if it was custom :)

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