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  • 1.0625" x 1.375" AMT Tweeter: The Kanto TUK wireless powered speaker features a high-performance 1.0625" x 1.375" AMT (Air Motion Transducer) tweeter that delivers bright and accurate highs with a remarkable soundstage. AMT tweeters are incredibly lightweight, allowing them to react faster than standard dome tweeters. This translates into super-quick, accurate treble. The pleated construction of an AMT tweeter also improves efficiency by increasing surface area, allowing for more air to be moved than by a comparatively sized dome tweeter. Their rectangular shape limits vertical dispersion so that less audio is reflected off the ceiling and floor, while still maintaining a relatively wide horizontal dispersion. This ensures all listeners in the room hear a consistent frequency response.
  • 5.25" Aluminum Woofer: The TUK wireless powered speaker houses a 5.25" aluminum woofer that is highly rigid and lightweight. Aluminum drivers are incredibly rigid, making them less prone to deformation when pushed to their limit. By preventing the driver from flexing, Kanto reduces the amount of distortion the driver introduces to the audio being played. As a result, you'll hear midbass and bass frequencies with depth, clarity, and dynamics.
  • 130W Amplifier: The AMT tweeter and aluminum woofer are powered by a built-in 130 watt (RMS) / 260 watt (Peak) x 2 channel amplifier for dynamic sound reproduction. The built-in amplifier is located in the TUK's "powered" speaker. The binding-post output terminals on back of the "Left" powered speaker and the included 15' speaker wire provide connection to the TUK's "passive" speaker's binding-post input terminals.
  • Bass Reflex Cabinet: The Kanto TUK wireless powered speaker system utilizes a bass reflex enclosure design with a rear-firing port for greater efficiency and bigger bass response. The speaker cabinet is available in a black or white finish, and comes with a matching magnetic grille.
  • DSP w/ EQ (Bass & Treble): The Kanto TUK wireless powered speaker utilizes integrated digital signal processing (DSP), designed to optimize audio quality and provide greater accuracy in sound reproduction at all volume levels. With the ability to save custom EQ settings (Bass & Treble) for each input, the TUK lets you control exactly how each of your devices sound.
  • 24-Bit/96kHz DAC: The Kanto TUK powered speaker system utilizes a 24-bit/96kHz resolution DAC (digital-to-analog converter) for high-quality sound reproduction.
Color: Black
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