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We are a Singapore-based retail company with over 50 years of track record.

Our company was founded by Mr. N.S. Chong in the 1970s. Mr. Chong started his career with outdoor sales during the day, and at night, running makeshift booths in carnivals and fairs. Being familiar with the market in town, he chanced upon an opportunity to open his first retail outlet at Shaw Tower.

Back then, Shaw Tower was built as part of the government’s plan for urban renewal along Beach Road. The development was the first in many aspects – it was once the tallest building in Singapore and is home to the largest cinemas in Singapore, the Prince and Jade cinema. Shaw Tower used to be a trendy place to be, from catching the latest blockbuster movie such as Jaws to dining at the many Coffeehouses. It was also the place to go to for consumer electronics, and many customers would fondly remember buying their first Walkman from us. Being situated near the popular Jade cinema, people identified us as the electronics store near Jade cinema, hence the business name took on the word Jade.

The very first foray into retail Business took on a rebranding Shaw Tower, Beach Road



Today, the business is helmed by our 2nd generation leadership team. In 2012, the company underwent a rebranding, and ConnectIT was conceived. The vision of ConnectIT is to be a consumer electronics boutique where customers may shop in comfort and be offered personalised customer service. Our retail store outlet was also refreshed with a warm design and product mix focused on lifestyle.

Orchard - 313@Somerset


Our team is constantly in the lookout to improve customer experience. A recent project involves the upgrade of ConnectIT webpage, where shoppers may use the in-store QR codes to access product catalogue and the e-comparison function.

Looking back from where we have started, the business has evolved with technology, product changes with consumer trends. But one of our key core values, trust, remains. It is the trust we have from customers and stakeholders that have kept us going.

We welcome you to our stores for the ConnectIT experience. We are also keen to hear from you if you have any collaborations in mind. Do reach out to us by clicking on the Contact Us page.

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