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  • Single Proprietary Precision Balanced Armature Drivers

  • NO crossover

  • 3D printed ergonomic semi-custom shell design

  • Solid Brass nozzle

Product Details

Limited by the physical size of driver, Balanced Armature technology were believed that cannot produce full spectrum of sound so that multiple drivers with electronics passive crossover and acoustic damping has to be used to create something with decent bass, smooth mid range and sharp high frequencies. 

We studied existing single BA driver IEMs in the market and the result was not very pleasant. We kept challenging ourselves to see what we can deliver by using the minimum number of driver and how we can make it better. 
Working closely with well-known Balanced Armature technology supplier, we were not satisfied with what they can provide off the shelf. We went one step further, to design new Balanced Armature driver with our own specification. Brainstorm and discussion meeting with the engineers, samples were made and tested over and over again. Multiple rounds of pre-production demo and peer critique with industry insiders. Haka is the result and answer of our hardworking. 

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