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  • 3BA + 1DD Hybird Driver
  • Unique techniques to concentrate on the full cavity painting of each IEM
  • the symbol of glamour with its attractive look

Product Details

Kinera Freya-The Outcome of Imagination

Freya in Norse Mythology has great energy to bring love and beauty, and people are amazed at her unparalleled beauty. She is beautiful and lively, as well as fearless. Deriving from this, this model is the symbol of glamour with its attractive look.


Hand-painted Shell

Kinera craftsmen use unique techniques to concentrate on the full cavity painting of each IEM, which takes 3 hour per piece, in order to successfully summon this beautiful and brave goddess. The white Freya has beauty of red, tenderness of purple, fearlessness(nobility) of gold, blending into a rich array of light and colours. While the black version sometimes show the courageous and fearless blue light emerging in the night, shining brightly. It vividly presents an uncompromising double-sided goddess.


3BA+1DD Hybrid Driver

Adopting 3 balanced armatures and 1 dynamic driver along with the special tuning, this model presents a quite balanced sound, the bass is powerful and strong while the mids is smooth and detailed, the highs is not too harsh but full of flexibility. A good IEM for stages and many other scenario.


Detachable 2 Pin Cable.

Coming with a 2 pin detachable cable makes this earphone more options to upgrade it anytime you want. Simply replace it with you desired cable and you may enjoy much more.


The Story of Kinera Freya.

In Norse Mythology, Freya is the most beautiful goddess among the gods, in charge of love and beauty. None of the gods is as elegant as Freya; her golden hair is as bright as the sun, and her charming eyes are as blue as the clear sky. Her favorites are music, spring, flowers and plants, and the bright fairies who live in the fairyland. Love and beauty is at my command. Love and beauty is my veil. You will never forget her with a glimpse of look.


What Does Our Artist Say

Freya is way more than just a product. Besides her captivating sound, her enchanting beauty, she is infused with vibrancy and passion, blooming vibrant light even in darkness. Freya is the Goddess of love in Norse mythology, often associated with femininity & Spring, so I have primarily chosen red and purple to convey her beauty, and adding a bit of gold touch to symbolize her luxurious life.

Technical Specifications

Number of Drivers


Driver Configuration

1 DD + 3 BA

Frequency Response

20–20,000 Hz


22 Ohm


110 dB

Detachable Cable


Built In Microphone


Music Control


Cable Length


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