Devialet Gemini

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Devialet Gemini
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  • Devialet Active Noise Cancellation™
  • Qualcomm® aptX™
  • IPX4
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Internal delay compensation (IDC®️)
  • Pressure Balance Architecture (PBA®️)

Product Details

Pure sound. Deeply nomadic.

Sound is music we love, noise we wish to avoid, and voices we do not want to miss. Introducing Devialet Gemini True Wireless earbuds: giving you the best of sound, in all its dimensions. Transforming fifteen years of acoustics R&D and engineering into a portable design you can enjoy on the move.

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  24 hours of playtime    Bluetooth 5.0   Qualcomm® aptX™        IPX4 

                Devialet medias                                               Devialet medias

Devialet Active Noise Cancellation™                Voice assistant

Devialet media

Revolutionizing nomadic sound.

Devialet Gemini provides superior, immersive sound thanks to adaptive signal tweaking that automatically fits your music to your ear shape. Add in Devialet's proprietary Active Noise Cancellation and enjoy a truly rich and enveloping listening experience.

Devialet medias

Devialet Active Noise Cancellation™

Become impermeable to your surroundings with Devialet's noise cancellation technology, which comes in three levels: “low,” “high,” and “plane”.

Devialet medias

Internal delay compensation (IDC®️)

Our patented algorithm perfectly compensates for the internal delay generated by a noise cancellation loop. The result: a significant gain in noise cancellation, especially at higher frequencies.

Devialet medias

Pressure Balance Architecture (PBA®️)

Devialet invented an acoustic architecture of cascading decompression chambers that ensure ideal pressure inside your ear, at all times.

Natural hear-through.

Need to talk? These earbuds are intelligent enough to actively filter out ambient noise while focusing in on the 300-3000 Hz frequency range, revealing all the nuances of the human voice.

Devialet medias

Choose your mode.

Three dedicated modes that cover every situation: Active Noise Cancellation, Neutral, or Transparency. And three levels of intensity (Low/High/Plane).

Devialet media
Devialet medias


Gemini's ergonomic shape has been carefully designed for effortless usability thanks to an all-in-one touch button at the rear: switch on the patented Active Noise Cancellation or Transparency modes, activate your voice assistant, play/pause your music, and more, all while enjoying a perfect fit, no matter your ear shape.

Devialet medias


Devialet Gemini boasts up to 24 hours of autonomy : up to 6 hours with a single charge with your earbuds.

Devialet media

Devialet Gemini App

Download the app to choose your settings and fully customize your experience: choose the level of ANC, transparency and audio presets, personnalize the equalizer and the interaction with the touch button.

Devialet media






Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Version


IP Rating


Playback Hours


Total Playback Hours


Touch Controls


Noise Cancelling


Ambient Sound Mode


Earbuds Dimensions

L: 33 mm | W: 18mm | H: 15 mm

Earbuds Weight (Single)


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