Companion 50

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Companion 50
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  • Rich & Detailed Sound with Deep Bass
  • User Friendly Control Pod
  • Easy connection to computer
  • Energy-saving sleep mode

Product Details

The best computer speaker system from Bose®.


If you’re looking for the most engaging computer audio experience from Bose®, these are the speakers you want. The Companion® 50 system immerses you in a dramatic acoustic environment you might expect only from a five-speaker system. Yet it all comes from just two elegant desktop speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass® module.


  • Rich, detailed sound with a wide soundstage immerses you in the experience
  • Deep, accurate bass from the Acoustimass® module, which you can hide under a desk
  • All-in-one control pod houses volume control, single-touch mute, headphone jack and auxiliary input
  • Single connection to your computer—no sound cards or software upgrades needed
  • Energy-saving sleep mode engages after 30 minutes of inactivity

Get more of the experience


More and more, you’re using your computer for all kinds of entertainment. Music. Films and TV programmes. Gaming. But if you’re still using your laptop speakers, or the ones that came with your desktop, you’re not coming close to the audio experience that you should be getting.

The Companion® 50 system provides a welcome change. It uses proprietary TrueSpace® digital processing circuitry to deliver a wide, spacious soundstage, reproducing the original dramatic intent behind the music, films and games you enjoy.



More sound. Less clutter. Easy set-up.


It’s the kind of enveloping sound that you’d expect more from a five-speaker surround system — fine for living rooms but impractical for a computer. The two small, elegant desktop speakers are elevated on stands for optimum performance and extra usable desk space.

Hook-up requires only a single connection from the computer speaker system to your PC or laptop — no special software or hardware upgrade needed. An all-in-one control pod keeps volume control, single-touch mute, headphone jack and auxiliary input within easy reach. To save energy, the system goes into sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity and wakes up when an audio signal is received or the control pod is tapped.

Technical Specifications

Soundbar Dimension/Weight (W x H x D) (13.9 x 21.9 x 9.1cm)x2/1.4KG
Subwoofer Dimension/Weight (W x H x D) 17.3 x 21.8 x 34.8cm/4.6KG
Amplifier Channels 5.0ch
Subwoofers Wired
Audio Formats TrueSpace Stereo DSP
Wireless Connectivity  NA
Audio Inputs Aux In

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