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IEM Cable


a.k.a Beat Audio 'Supernova' or 'Nebulae True silver with a shiny finishing Comes with shockproof and highly resistant metallic casing Spiral form and completely shielded High speed and quality transfers of mximum bandwidth capacity Low frequency response is fantastic and full of vibrancy Usage of SILTECH soldering Middle frequency with full texture and vocal clarity Utra-wide soundstage and positioning accuracy


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Product Details
Built using the BA3 series material, these cables are in true silver colour with a shiny finishing. The Beat Audio Titan cables, also known as 'Supernova' or 'Nebulae', are housed in a shockproof and highly resistant metalic casing. The Titan cable comprises 4 independent silver cables of ultra tough composite material which is twisted into a spiral form and completely shielded. The silver conductivity allows for high speed and quality transfers of maximum bandwidth capacity. The Titan transforms any abstract sounding music into a lively and dynamic performance. The low frequency response is fantastic and full of vibrancy, not compromise on any details. The SILTECH solder is used in the building of the Titan with high precision, and allows the middle frequency to shine with full texture and vocal clarity. They can handle any sort of music with ultra-wide soundstag and positioning accuracy, highlighting each musical detail at high frequencies. The Titan is surely the best replacement cable for any audio enthusiasts. It is one cable that will stand up against any tests!
Compatibility: Shure se535, se425, se315, se215 Connector plug: ViaBlue T6s phone 3.5 stereo plug (mini) Connector type: 3.5mm standard Length: 1.2 metres Warranty: 6 months Colour: Shiny Silver

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