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Buy From The Largest Range of Headphones Online In Singapore

If you’re really serious about your music, we’ve got just the thing. Representing the world’s finest designers, the ConnectIT range offers our customers true choice. Whether you’re after the natural sound of open-backed over ear headphones or the convenience of a pair of on-ear wireless headphones for the ultimate portability, we have you covered — browse through our range of Bluetooth headphones from names like Bose, Sennheiser and Sony and buy online in Singapore today!

Catering to every kind of music fan – from the audiophile who can’t put a price on sound quality to the budget listener wanting to buy one step up from the basic, stock set that came with their phone – our goal is to allow you to get the musical experience that you want.


Listen to your music the way it was mean to be played with our headphones

Discover something new about your favourite song with a quality audio set-up. Featuring unparalleled quality and clarity of sound, you’ll be blown away by how your music is transformed by buying a pair of decent headphones from our online store.

Nowhere else in the city will you be able to buy a wider range. Featuring Shure, Bose, Sennheiser, Sony and more at our headphone store, you won’t find a better collection of the world’s finest makers of audio equipment. Quality isn’t expensive, either – even our budget line offers a huge step up from the stock models that come with phones and Digital audio players.


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Keep up to date on the latest advances in audio technology through the Connect-it online shop. We work with suppliers around the world to bring you the newest and the best earphones, digital audio players and more.

Make an order online today for fast delivery anywhere in Singapore or reach out to our knowledgeable staff to find out more about a product or to get some guidance. We’re happy to help.