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  • First electrostatic Sound Isolating™ Earphones
  • Fastest and most accurate transient response in the market
  • Unique system of components only compatible with one another
  • 5 EQ presets loaded; customizable EQ; Bypass Mode
  • Durable Kevlar™ cable
  • Perfectly portable


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Product Details

General Features

The KSE1500 is the world's first electrostatic Sound Isolating™ Earphones. Electrostatic technology provides the fastest, most accurate transient response available. Ear earphones features a virtually weightless, massless diaphragm surrounded by an electrostatic field generated by back plates that manage charge oscillation. The result is unmatched clarity and detail with an extremely high correlation to the source audio.

Earphone Features

Electrostatic earphone technology delivers more accurate sound than dynamic or armature driver tehcnologies. With a 6-pin LEMO connector, the cable delivers the specific bias required by the electrostatic drivers. The earphone and amplifier create a unique system of components only compatible with one another. Made of durable Kevlar™, the KSE1500 cables were painstakingly engineered to meet the particular needs of electrostatic technology in a portable form factor.

Amplifier Features

Using just two simple touch points - the large, tactile top knob and side button - you can control all menu navigation. Sized comparably to a mobile device, and durable enough for life on the go, the portable electrostatic amplifier makes great sound possible anywhere. Charging is extremely convenient from a wall charger or computer even when streaming audio. Charge lasts up to 7 hours with digital input and up to 10 hours with analog input.

Interface Features

Clearly view input source, input level meter, battery level, output level and EQ setting from the home screen. Flat, Low Boost, Vocal Boost, Loudness and De-Ess presets offer easy access to the EQ settings you'll most likely want to tweak. Or, enjoy pure analog audio in Bypass Mode, which bypasses digital processing. Further refine your listening experience with four customizable EQ settings that allow you to shape and tune your music to suit your tone preferences.



Transducer Type Electrostatic
Frequency Response           10Hz - 50kHz
Maximum SPL 1kHz at 3% THD
113dB SPL 
Noise Attenuation ≤37dB
Connector Type Lemo Connector 
Net Weight 44.0g (1.55oz)


Sampling Rate 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 kHz
Bit Depth 16-bit / 24-bit
Signal-to-Noise Ratio  Up to 107dB A-weighted
Adjustable Gain Range  -40dB to +60dB
Equalizer 4-band parametric
Line-In Input 3.5mm (1/8 in.)
Dimensions (H x W x D)           111 x 59 x 21mm
Battery Rechargeable Li-Ion
Analog In (Bypass EQ Mode): operate up to 10 hours
USB Input (EQ Mode): operate up to 7 hours 

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