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  • Astell&Kern x Beyerdynamic
  • Tesla Technology miniaturized
  • New improved voice-coil 
  • High-grade transparent silver-plated cables
  • Conductors made from high purity silver/copper alloy
  • High precision gold-plated MMCX connectors


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Product Details

Technical Features

With an extremely high magnetic flux density within a ring magnet, the Tesla Technology inside the AK T8iE MkII ensures a balanced, undistorted, transparent and neutral sound reproduction, resulting in a superb listening experience. In comparison to other earphones with Balanced Armature technology, there is no separate transducer for bass, mid-range or treble tones, avoiding the loss of sound resulting from phasing problems. From deep bass to the highest trebles, the AK T8iE MkII sounds like an integrated whole. Additionally, the efficiency of the Tesla transducer is so high that it can easily be comparable to a 4-way BA system.

The AK T8iE MkII introduces a brand new voice-coil for a superb listening experience. Keeping the finely tuned acoustic signature of the AK T8iE, the new voice-coil increases reliability and lowers distortion to a minimum.
The AK T8iE MkII is supplied with high-grade silver-plated fiber cables with coaxial construction, a strong upgrade from standard copper cables. All conductors are made from high purity silver/copper-alloy for the purest sound. 
The transparent sleeve effectively reduces cable noise, and for ultimate strength, the cables are reinforced with high tension aramid fiber cores.
The high precision MMCX system consists of tolerated, perfectly fitting components, and low electrical resistance provides the best audio performance possible.


The concha design with the cable running rearwards over the ear has several advantages. The in-ears are easily inserted, and don't fall out because the cable doesn't pull. The oval-shaped concha moulds sit very comfortably in the auricle without any pressure. On top of that, five different sizes of anatomically shaped silicone tips and three pairs of Comply™ foam eartips ensure the perfect fit for every ear.

To ensure highest wearing comfort, the cables are skin-friendly and ultra flexible. Besides the standard 1.3m cable with the general-purpose 3.5mm plug, there is an additional 2.5mm, 4-pole balanced cable. A leather case stores the in-ear safely for transportation.

Transducer Type Dynamic, moving-coil
Operating Principle Closed
Frequency Response 8Hz - 48kHz
Impedance 16 Ohm
Sound Pressure Level          109dB SPL
Cables one balanced cable, one unbalanced cable
Connector MMCX at earphones
/ 3.5mm 3-pole jack plug on unbalanced cable / 2.5mm 4-pole jack plug on balanced cable 
Weight 14g



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