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CXC 700

  • NoiseGard™ / digital Active Noise Cancellation
  • TalkThrough function
  • Excellent noise attenuation - 23dB active; 25dB passive
  • Audio transmission always works
  • Integrated sleek and ergonomic control box
  • Highly advanced acoustic system


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Product Details

Technical Features

The CXC 700 is a pair of noise cancelling in-ear headphones engineered for frequent flyers. These premium ear canal phones feature the latest incarnation of Sennheiser's active noise cancelling technology - NoiseGard™ / digital - which identifies and reduces even more unwanted ambient noise. It even has a tri-mode design to allow user selection based on the acoustics of different environments.

Mode 1: Optimised for commutes on trains, subways, buses, cars and short distance flights.
Impact: Focus on low frequency range (100 to 400 Hz), Average -23dB active noise cancellation

Mode 2: Optimised for use on long-haul flights and in air-conditioned rooms.
Impact: Focus on mid frequency range (400 to 3000 Hz), Average -23dB active noise cancellation

Mode 3: Optimised for on-the-go use, in crowded environments or other loud surroundings.
Impact: Balance between low and mid frequency ranges (100 to 3000 Hz), Average -15dB active noise cancellation

With NoiseGard™ / digital, the CXC 700 offer an impressive active noise attenuation of up to 23dB and this adds to their already excellent passive noise attenuation of 25 dB (for frequency range above 3000 Hz).


The CXC 700 integrates a control box to enhance usability and convenience. The sleek and ergonomic control box houses a single AAA alkaline battery that lasts up to 16 hours of continuous usage. The intuitive controls for NoiseGard™ / digital, TalkThrough and volume level have been conveniently located so as to allow for quick and easy single-handed adjustments, even in low light conditions such as on an aeroplane.

Other Functions

The CXC 700 are also equipped with TalkThrough function, which mutes the audio input and allows you to listen to your external environment, enabling you to communicate with the flight attendant or your fellow travel mate without removing the ear canal phones. Audio transmission also always works even in passive mode and without batteries.

Transducer Type Dynamic
Frequency Response 20Hz - 21kHz
Impedance Active: 6.8K ohms
Passive: 42 ohms 
Sound Pressure Level           111dB (1kHz/1Vrms) 
Attenuation Active: 23dB
Passive: 25dB 
Battery Type 1 AAA size battery, 1.5V 
Operating Time 16 hours
Weight 44g

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