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Amplifiers & DAC


  • Impressive performance potential
  • High-grade components and sophisticated circuit design
  • Well dimensioned, discrete class A solid-state output stage
  • Gives impressive clarity
  • Equipped with plenty of audiophile components
  • 2 inputs plus an input selection

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Product Details

Technical Features

The Rhinelander features ultra-low noise, transparency and an impressive performance potential. It has a well dimensioned, discrete class A solid-state output stage with no overall negative feedback, which holds sufficient power reserves available for most common headphones and also gives your favourite sound an impressive clarity. Equipped with plenty of other audiophile components, the Rhinelander features low-loss MKP capacitors for the audio path and a double-sided pc board for an optimum layout. Low ESR electrolytic capacitors in the power supply, an integrated voltage gain stage and a Neutrik headphone socket serve to optimise the audiophile device. The volume controls are handpicked to ensure a high sychronism and to keep localisation as stable as on the recording.


The sonic kinship with the Linear reference device is due to the specially selected, high-grade components and sophisticated circuit design.

Other Functions

In addition, the Rhinelander features two inputs plus an input selection via a high-quality relay. It also knows how to delight as a high-class single-source preamplifier. The single-source preamp mode is active as default setting. Such an elaborate construction with exquisite components is unique in a headphone amplifier of the price range.

Frequency Response           20Hz (-0.3dB) to 35kHz (-1dB) 
Input Impedance 47 kOhms
Output Impedance 5 Ohms
Max. Gain 6dB, 20dB 
jumper configurable 
Output Power 120 mW/33 ohms
100 mW/330 ohms 
Signal to Noise Ratio > 95dB at gain 0dB
Dimension 135mm x 110mm x 47mm (W x D x H) 
Weight 0.4kg netto

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