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Amplifiers & DAC

Continental v5

  • Vacuum tube/ solid state hybrid amplifier
  • Individually soldered New-Old Stock (NOS) 6111 vacuum tube
  • Class A tube input and Class AB solid state output
  • 16 Volt power supply with +/- 8 Volt swing
  • Enclosure machined from a single block of aluminium
  • Hand assembled and tested in Portland, Oregon

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Product Details

Technical Features

The Cv5 is a vacuum tube/solid state hybrid amplifier. It delivers the low output impedance, tight bass control and sonic detail one would expect from a solid state amp, with the added spatial qualities and sonic lushness from a vacuum tube based amplifier. At the center of the Cv5 is a single New-Old Stock (NOS) 6111 vacuum tube. These tubes are individually soldered to a custom printed circuit board, providing mechanical isolation from unwanted microphonics. It also provides a quick and easy solution to tube-rolling. The 6111 vacuum tube is placed at the input stage of the Cv5 running in class A. Since the 6111 is a dual triode, left and right channels share the same vacuum tube without issue. The Cv5 is a Class A tube input and Class AB solid state output. The Cv5 utilises a 16 Volt power supply, with +/- 8 volt swing, allowing plenty headroom for loud and/or complex passages. They are reproduced in a way that sounds wide-open and distortion free.


The Cv5 enclosure is machined from a single block of aluminium. The markings are machined into the enclosure so that wear is not a concern during the life of the amplifier. Machined ventilation holes allow the tube to breathe easily and keeps the unit cool during normal operation. Each amplifier is hand assembled and tested in ALO Audio's Portland, Oregon workshop. Each unit is carefully inspected to ensure years of satisfied and reliable product ownership.

Other Functions

The Cv5 has several LED colours for different indications:

Blue LED - warming up;
Flickering LED - low voltage warning;
Orange LED - charging;
Green LED - charged 

Frequency Response 10Hz - 300kHz +/- 0.1dB
Input Impedance 110k (low gain) / 10k (high gain)
Output Impedance <0.5 ohm
Gain Low: -10dB; High: +10dB
Output Power (into 32ohms)           325mW per channel, rms
Charger Type USB charging
Battery Power 4 hours charge for 9 hours play time
Power Supply 16V power supply (+/- 8V)

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