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Amplifiers & DAC

Continental Dual Mono (CDM)

  • Dedicated linear voltage regulator at each stage
  • Pair of New-Old Stock 6111 vacuum tubes
  • Tube/Sold-state hybrid amplifier
  • Wolfson WM8741 DAC chip
  • Big beautiful battery
  • CNC'd aluminium enclosure

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Product Details

Technical Features

Each stage of the CDM has its own dedicated linear voltage regulator. This means the internal voltage of each stage is independent, minimising the sharing of differing internal voltages across each stage of amplification and the digital to analog converter. Linear voltage regulators produce a cleaner voltage rail than typical switching regulators, and because they do not have a switching waveform, linear regulators have lower output noise for clean amplification.

At the center of the CDM are a pair of New-Old Stock 6111 vacuum tubes. Each tube is individually soldered to a custom PCB, providing mechanical isolation of each tube, insulating them from unwanted microphonics, and also provides a quick and easy solution for tube-rolling. Featuring a hybrid design, the CDM is a hybrid solid state/tube amplifier. It delivers the low output impedance, tight bass and sonic precision of a solid-state amp, but with the added midrange richness, expanded soundstage and spaciousness of a tube.

The Wolfson WM8741 DAC chip occupies the heart of the CDM's digital section. This chip was selected for its exceptional signal to noise ratio and extended dynamic range. It also provides low noise, low distortion and superior linearity. The Wolfson provides high resolution DSD and PCM playback and offers musically compelling digital filters. The CDM has a true 'line out' on its rear panel. This is a fixed 2Vrms analog output signal from the output of the DAC's analog output stage. It is tapped before going through the volume control or headphone output stage. Please note that the line out is not intended to drive headphones directly, but instead offers you flexibility in using the DAC with your other components.


Machined markings resist wear and the minimal icons keep you focused on the music. The gorilla glass window lets the tubes shine without exposing them to the elements. Expanded vents running along the side of the CNC'd aluminium enclosure keep the CDM breathing as the tubes heat the interior. Each amplifier is hand assembled and tested in ALO's Portland, Oregon workshop, and is carfully inspected to assure you years of satisfied ownership.

Other Functions

The CDM utilises Panasonic 18650 batteries, combined into a 3 cell pack to provide clean, reliable power. The 3-cells are in series to deliver the voltage the tubes demand. These batteries have a high cycle life, approximately 1000 cycles, and they also provide short circuit and overcharge protection. As it is safely user replaceable, simply swap in new ones to keep the music going.


Tech Specs 

  • RMS Per channel, both channels driven: 

Single Ended

  • 80mW into 32 ohms 
  • 95mW into 50 ohms
  • 75mW into 150 ohms
  • 60mW into 300 ohms


  • 125mW into 32 ohms
  • 145mW into 50 ohms
  • 110mW into 150 ohms
  • 95mW into 300 ohms

Input Impedance SE: 10k

Input Impedance BAL: 50k

Output Impedance SE and BAL: <1 ohm 


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