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Amplifiers & DAC


  • MUSES02 + LME49600 opamp combo
  • Reduced distortion and increased dynamic range
  • 880mAh 3S battery with up to 13 hours usage
  • LED charging status
  • CNC stainless steel headphone connector
  • Sandblasted finish


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Product Details

Technical Features

The A5 continues to use the E12A highly effective MUSES02 + LME49600 opamp combo. In addition, all major components utilize high-precision metal film resistors. These factors, along with better design and component selection, allow the A5 to achieve a total harmonic distortion (THD) rating of almost 0 percent (lower than E12A's by 33%) and an improved signal-to-noise ratio of 115dB. All of these factors signify that the A5 has a gain level closer to that of the E12, but has improved channel balance, lower noise floor, and overall a purer sound.

Clean and potent power is also extremely important to sound quality. The A5 contains a highly efficient, low-resistance power management system as well as dual +/- 11V supplied power. This give the A5 considerable power reserve that is unheard of among portable amplifiers. Finally, a +/- symmetrical power supply allows for the elimination of coupling capacitors. This means reduced distortion and increased dynamic range. Beyond getting output power near that of the E12 with 800mW at 32ohms, the A5 also offers the E12A's exquisite abilities in reproducing music. And with the low/high gain switch, enjoy using the A5 with all kinds of headphones, from the most sensitive IEMs to the most power-hungry headphones.


For the sake of creating an even better product, no detail could be overlooked. The headphone connector was no exception. For the first time, a CNC stainless steel headphone connector ring replaces the previously used copper. A plastic ring is pressed into the gap between this connector ring and the rest of the body, ensuring it is seamlessly integrated with zero gaps. Not only is this more aesthetically pleasing, the headphone connector is also sturdier due to the non-existent gaps and the use of harder stainless steel.

Breaking away from design traditions, the A5 is designed to have fifty-six 45° lines etched onto the knob's surface. The laser-inspired red ring that adorns the knob gives it a distinctive, characteristic look. The A5 has a sandblasted finish. In the sandblasting process, abrasive material is forcefully sprayed onto the body's surface with highly compressed air. This ensures that the surface is not only more durable, but also allows the anodized paint that give the A5 its unique look to last longer. By having the aluminium body subjected to this process, the A5 is more robust and striking in appearance.

Other Functions

Contained in the A5 is an 880mAh 3S (three cells in series) battery. The A5 can automatically adjust the amount of current to the 3S battery when charging by detecting the particular charging equipment. Whether charging from a computer's USB port, a cell phone charger, or even a tablet's charger, the A5 will choose the safe and appropriate charging speed. With a 5V/2A charger, the A5's battery can be fully topped up in 2.5 hours - faster and more convenient compared to other similar products. And despite the A5's high power output, the amp still lasts for a lengthy 13 hours. Featuring an LED specifically designed to know the device's charging status immediately, the LED will blink at an appropriate rate which allows you to quickly determine the charging speed. There is also a working status indicator that lets you immediately know whether the unit is on or off.

Frequency Response           10Hz ~ 90kHz (-3dB, Input: 220mV) 
Input Sensitivity 5.6V (Gain=L)
1.15V (Gain=H) 
Output Impedance <0.3 ohms
Gain 13dB (Gain=H)
0dB (Gain=L) 
Output Power >800mW (32ohms/THD<1%)
≥150mW (300ohms/THD<1%) 
Drive Ability 16~300ohms (recommended)
Battery Power Operation Time: Up to 13 hours 
Charging Time: Less that 2 hours (DC5V 2A) 
Battery Capacity 880mAh

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