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Amplifiers & DAC

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Headphone Amplifiers from The Audio Experts in Singapore

Add a whole new dimension to your sound. The earphone amplifiers sold by Connect-it are the perfect way to give a high-end pair the love they deserve.

Boost a pair that’s a bit overpowered for your phone or look to one of our phono stages for that much needed touch to make your new record player sing. With budget options all the way up to cutting edge units, and both portable and stationary models, our headphones store has something for everyone.

Take your music to the next level with our earphone amplifier

It’s something a lot of people just stepping into the world of high-end audio discover; suddenly your headphones are a lot bigger than the music player. While a bit comical, this can have a real effect on the quality of the sound.

Larger headphones have larger drives, which means they require more power to get the best quality sound. Without adequate power, the best headphones can sound soft, weak and tinny. The largest over-ear units generally benefit from the additional power headphone amplifiers bring to the table, giving them the oomph they need to deliver their full dynamic range at the proper volume.

Our headphones store helps you get the most out of your favourite tracks

For four decades our team has provided the very best assistance and products to music-lovers in Singapore. Discover a new way to enjoy your music with Connect-it. Browse our range of headphones, audio players and cabling and build the set-up of your dreams today.

Order from our complete catalogue online today or get in touch to learn more about our products or our company. Get the guidance you need from our friendly staff by contacting us via Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, SnapChat at +65 9850 8267 for instant replies of our exciting deals.