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About Us

About Us



Jade Gift Shop was founded in 1978, with the humble opening of the first retail outlet in Shaw Tower. The company was established by Mr. N.S. Chong, who started the business by retailing audio products, mainly transistor radios and walkmans. Being situated near the famous Jade Cinema, the area surrounding the cinema was popularly know as Jade. Hence, the name "Jade" was used in the name of the business.     


Back then, Jade Gift Shop was a small startup with Mr. Chong being the only employee. More fondly known as "Uncle Chong" during the heydays in the 1980s-1990s, his candid approach to sales coupled with sincerity won the trust of many customers. Products were reasonbly priced and were kept in tandem with technological changes. With these fundamentals in place, the company grew and expanded over time.


In 2012, a new retail brand "Connect-it" was launched to rejuvenate the business. Through Connect-it, the company envisages to bring quality audio closer to people. Retail outlets were strategically designed to provide customers with a whole new audio shopping experience. To ensure that quality and value-for-money products are sold, the product team carefully screens all products before listing them in the retail stores.


To further enhance shopping experience, Connect-it online was launched in 2015 to provide a seamless access to product information, reviews, and pricing for consumers.





(Pictures of past and present oulets - Clockwise direction, from most present to the oldest)